“The acupuncture session I had with Mark was friendly, efficient, informative and professional.  I felt more balanced and lighter after the first session.  The treatment (for a notoriously resistant condition) has started to work. I am convinced that acupuncture can work where other medicine systems have failed. I was impressed with Mark’s ability to explain what he was doing in terms a layman can understand.

I would recommend him without reservation.”

R.A. of Ealing (name and address supplied).

“I presented Mark with a daunting challenge. I was at my lowest point physically and emotionally with intractable pain unresponsive to all that conventional medicine could throw at it. I had tried everything and I should know as I am a practising GP.

Mark exhibits outstanding calmness, care and professionalism. Whatever benefit I have received from the acupuncture has been matched equally by the impressive therapeutic effect of Mark as a practitioner. This is a rare gift.

I am not cured and this was never made as a claim. However, with Mark’s help I am calmer, more energetic and able to manage my pain more effectively.

I have a healthy scepticism not only about the conventional medicine I practise but particularly about complementary medicines. However I cannot do anything but recommend Mark and his acupuncture practice. I hope that others may reap the same benefits.”

Submitted by a G.P. in West London.

Professional etiquette obliges anonymity.

Acupuncture for the terrified!  8th March 2007.

“I saw Mark for Acupuncture last December – and I can’t say I was looking forward to it! Being more or less terrified by needles since I was very young filled me with utter fear. However Mark was able to put me at ease from the minute I walked into the room. He was easy to talk to, reassuring and very empathetic. I felt totally in control and at ease with the procedure. Having been susceptible to hypertension for a number of years, my expectations were rather mixed. However I was amazed the day after my session to see my blood pressure drop by quite a significant amount. To this day (March) my BP has been consistently lowered – and that was after just

one session. If, like me you have a partial phobia of needles then Mark is the only therapist for you. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.”

Rachel Allum. Homeopath.

“After just my first session I recovered most of the movement in my neck that I’d lost – Mark is a listening and empathetic professional who got right to the heart of my problems.”

Heather Matlock. 27th November 2006.